Annual Programs

School is the stepping stone for any students future. At Voltspace we ensure the training given to students is best, working closely with institutions in providing fun & activity based robotic training, which is spread throughout the year with 20 sessions of 1 hour each.

Annual Programs: Class 4 to 12  (20 hours per year) 

Module 1: (Fundamentals of Mechanics/ Physics, Robotics)
Module 2: (Fundamentals of Electrical/ Electronics, Robotics)
Module 3:  (Programming, Robotics)

Custom Workshops

There are different types of learners. Understanding the need of the hour, Voltspace provides effective short duration customised workshops, which shall vary from 1 to 3 days, enlightening the students completely on basics & the steps to build a robot. At Voltspace we ensure every individual student participation & motivate them to start following their dreams to innovate.

Custom Workshops

Module 1: Basics (Robotics) Age: 8-12 yrs
Module 2: Intermediate (Robotics) Age: 10-14 yrs
Module 3: Advanced (Robotics) Age: 15 and above

Creative Labs

Every Student or Kid has creativity in them. World of innovation is vast, Voltspace believes creativity is the future of development. At Voltspace we act as a tool to bring out the creativity in students & assist schools & colleges in setting up the complete creative space, where students can implement their out of the box ideas & innovate new technology towards the development of themselves & country.

Creative Labs

Voltspace provides customised lab setup as per requirement of school & colleges, to counter all the needs of the students effectively and efficiently.

Product Development

Innovations serve the purpose when its made available to all. The process of getting the innovations into a product, following all the steps & making it available for the usage of people. At Voltspace we provide assistance in bringing all these things in a common platform and help the students innovate more.

Product Development

New products are worked on at our workplace. At Voltspace we provide assistance for engineering students & other interested youngsters in implementing their project ideas. 

Home Automation

In India, majority of the population is middle class, automation is always a distant dream to them. Team Voltspace is working towards creating a affordable home automation solution, which can be enjoyed even by the middle class population in our country.



Projects on demand

At Voltspace we work on custom projects & assist students in implementing their ideas to obtain required results. Working on finding solution to different public problems through technology and out of the box ideas suggested by various students.


Now you can dream and Voltspace will assist you in achieving it.